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PermitLink™ is more than a way to organize your documents. It’s a tool that empowers organizations to drastically reduce their dependency on paper-based forms, while streamlining internal processes, workflows and related tasking.


DocumentLink™ is an integrated suite of groundbreaking, powerful, Web-based applications all designed to deliver on Point’s “paper identical form technology” platform.


TaxLink™ is Point’s municipal revenue management system for the comprehensive administration of real estate, personal property, motor vehicle, boat, supplemental and district commitments.


CodeLink™ is a purpose built application that empowers municipalities to easily adopt and implement an effective municipal code violation enforcement solution into their mainstream operations.


UBLink is a robust application engineered to manage all DPW needs related to billing and posting. utility billing is one of the most localized types of municipal billing. The flexibility of UBLink readily accommodates the diversity of adopted utility billing approaches.


AssessLink offers a computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system that consists of four fundamental software components. All components are fully integrated with each other and comprise a proven solution engineered for both Internet and Intranet deployment.

Product Innovation 

Some companies are content to create products that do the job. At Point Software, we create products that do the job better. We aggressively research and integrate the latest technology into our product line and remain focused on the goals of our clientele.

Customer support isn't a wish list item which is why we answer the phone with trained professionals who can actually address your needs.

Understanding municipal government, we give our products the flexibility required to fit the specialized needs of all our customers

We have pioneered groundbreaking government technology that allows our customers to realize significant savings in time and money

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