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About Us

Point Software was founded in 1989 with a single goal: to create software applications that aid municipal government. Starting with a revenue management system for municipal tax collectors, we have expanded our scope to now encompass software for treasury, utility billing/collection, assessment and accounting functions. It also includes citywide document, information management with public viewing options, permitting/code enforcement and a variety of outsourced services that include Service Bureau, Deputy Collector, and Lockbox Posting.

At Point Software, we offer more than products and services to our customers.


Company Philosophy

It is our aim to craft not just a solution, but the right solution for our customers. Our philosophy is founded on three guiding principles:


Some companies are content with creating products that just do the job. At Point Software, we create products that do the job better. We aggressively research and integrate the latest technology into our product line and remain focused on the goals of our clientele.


A company that stands still will fall behind; we strive to be leaders. It is our objective not just to participate in the municipal government software industry, but to pioneer it. By daring to venture into uncharted territories, we create new fairways for our customers.


By coupling our leadership abilities with our experience, we provide municipal governments with something all organizations require: clarity. We go beyond simply supplying product to our customers. We guide them, through education, to achieve the results they need.

Customer support isn't a wish list item which is why we answer the phone with trained professionals who can actually address your needs.

Understanding municipal government, we give our products the flexibility required to fit the specialized needs of all our customers

We have pioneered groundbreaking government technology that allows our customers to realize significant savings in time and money

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