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UBLink™ is a robust water/sewer application engineered to manage all DPW needs related to billing and posting. Water/sewer billing is one of the most localized types of municipal billing. A municipality’s billing approach can be virtually unique, as it is defined by a variety of factors that include billing method (flat rate or consumption); length and number of billing cycles; and implementation of early payment discounts, annual maintenance fees, and/or step rates. The flexibility of UBLink™ readily accommodates the diversity of adopted water/sewer billing approaches. Water/sewer posting can be equally complex, which is why Point designed UBLink™for maximum automation at both the batch and account level.

Water/Sewer Billing Features

• Electronic and radio capture device interfaces
• Early payment discount calculation and control
• Alternative rate tables, premised on meters
• Maintenance fees with inclusion to any billing cycle
• Combination billing for multiple fixed fees and consumption billing
• Final bills, estimated bills and service bills
• Daily allowance calculations
• Incremental billing with periodic reset to base calculations
• Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) multipliers
• Conversion of mixed meter types for gallon and cubic foot meters
• MWRA billing
• Adaptation to customer-designed bill forms framed for data templates
• Leak detection notification
• Rate usage classification recapture

Water/Sewer Posting Features


• Bar code printing and scanning of bills
• Lockbox service option
• Online payment exchange option
• Automated payment distribution at account level to appropriate posting categories for open balance items
• Quick Posting
• Credit balance rolling batch utility
• Automated credit balance rolling at account level for open balance items
• Unbalanced Payment Auditor
• Payment balancing reports
• Payment date locking utility
• Lien list creation tools for turnover to the assessors’ office
• Account history recall
• Paid items masking
• Statement of Account

• Proof positive payoff amounts to any date

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