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TaxLink™ is Point’s municipal revenue management system for the comprehensive administration of real estate, personal property, motor vehicle, boat, supplemental and district commitments. This application is engineered with a full set of functions to provide the efficiency, accuracy and security demanded of the tax collector’s office.Because TaxLink™ is an integrated component in our Web-based DocumentLink™ suite, you’ll enjoy safe, secure and immediate access to all of the inherent features & benefits, including…

Software Functions

•Robust search by owner, location, plate, parcel and more
•Full municipal reporting, rendering bills, notices and other documents as PDFs
•Integrated barcode technology to streamline remittance processing
•Application of money to accounts with a single keystroke
•Batch posting confirmation and totaling
•Guaranteed integration with any accounting system

Customer support isn't a wish list item which is why we answer the phone with trained professionals who can actually address your needs.

Understanding municipal government, we give our products the flexibility required to fit the specialized needs of all our customers

We have pioneered groundbreaking government technology that allows our customers to realize significant savings in time and money

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