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AssessLink™ is a precision tool for determining property values and ad valorem taxes. This computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) application for real estate combines cutting edge technology with robust functionality to fully equip the municipal tax assessor for today’s challenges of conducting property appraisal.


• Presents full-screen property record cards through an intuitive, browser-based interface
• Calculates property values using the three accepted approaches: income, sales and cost

• Analyzes sales to assessment ratios yielding mean, median, variance, standard deviation, average absolute deviation and CODs
• Extracts current record information to a Legal File, which can be imported into most collection products for the printing of accurate property tax bills
• Allows for the import of item photos
• Tracks site inspections and building permits
for each parcel in the community

• Produces ad hoc reports via companion report interface ReportNET™
• Supplies configurable system tables that allow for the global update of all records
• Enables data collectors to perform property record card updates out in the field with the Tablet PC option
• Contains an integrated XML sketch utility*

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We have pioneered groundbreaking government technology that allows our customers to realize significant savings in time and money

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