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Plymouth, CT gets going with web-based permitting

July 15, 2013

Point Software welcomes aboard the Town of Plymouth, Connecticut with the adoption of PermitLink™. In November of 2014, Plymouth officially started using PermitLink™ in their community.


PermitLink™ is Point’s permitting software solution for municipal government. PermitLink™ handles the electronic submission and filing of permit applications, as well as the management of associated processes including inspections, approvals, payment posting and general tasking. Along with handling the internal process the town is extending this technology out to the public allowing electronic submission from the website and counter kiosk.


To learn more about PermitLink™ and how it can benefit your community, call Scott Choiniere at 1.800.368.9538 (office) or 1.413.478.5285 (cell).


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