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Warren, RI Leads the Way with PermitLink

January 3, 2012

Warren, Rhode Island’s busy Department of Building and Zoning sought a way to process permits in a more effecient manner. Working with Point Software, Warren developed a blueprint for an electronic permitting solution that would lighten their workload and ultimately pave the way for other municipalities looking to realize the advantages of this technology.


PermitLink moved forms essential to the Department of Building and Zoning’s daily operations to a dynamic, online format. PermitLink™ goes far beyond simply providing a way to submit a permit application electronically. Prior to cutting over to Point’s solution on January 3, 2012, Warren already had software in place that did that much. What PermitLink™ does is add intelligence to those applications, transforming them into a process that encompasses core tasks that include reviews, inspections, approvals, fee calculations, contractor validation and reporting – all of which can be conducted in real time, in the office or in the field. This robust functionality is readily transferrable to additional towns and cities considering PermitLink™ for their jurisdiction.

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