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Building Department Needs…

Provide Effective & Efficient Service by upgrading Permitting Process via Electronic Permitting System

  • Current Process – Legacy Paper Base Solution

  • Proposed Streamline Permitting Process – with Over the Counter and Online Permitting

  • Current Process ‐ 2 to 95 day wait period for permit

  • Issuance, cost to Applicant and Town (delayed tax revenues) $100 ‐ $10,000 per day

  • Current Time & Cost to research documents 700 man‐hours per year @ cost of $48.00 X 700 = $33,600

  • With proposed Document Management System/Permitting System, Staff Time & Cost reduced to $3,360 annually

  • Savings of 90% ($30,240) per year

What is Electronic Permitting?
  • Electronic permitting is a set of computer‐based tools and services that automate and streamline the building permit process

  • The intent of electronic permitting is to reduce permitting time, improve customer service and staff efficiency, enhance quality, and make operating funds more productive

  • An electronic permitting system typically replaces traditional paper‐and file‐card systems

Task-Specific Tools
  • Plan review

  • Permitting

  • Inspections

  • Inspection scheduling

  • Project tracking

  • Fee calculation and collection

  • Workflow management

  • Customer communications through web‐based customer services

  • Inter‐ and intra‐departmental communication and management

Bottom Line Features & Benefits
  • Create a cost‐effective solution to meet the needs of the Community

  • In achieving Professional, Effective and Efficient Building Department to service the Town’s needs

  • In creating a healthy economic climate by providing Business‐Friendly Services

  • Cut down on hundreds in cost per day

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